Triple Delight Blueberries

Mark and Kimberly Sorensen

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USDA Organic (e.g. CCOF)

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Direct to Consumer (includes farmers markets-CSAs-farm/ranch website-on-farm sales), Distributors

Triple Delight Blueberries

Regenerative agriculture is a systems- and place-based approach to agriculture that restores ecosystems, communities, and economies. It builds healthy soils, reduces air pollution, utilizes water efficiently, and increases biodiversity while promoting equity and public health.

By simultaneously storing carbon, building resilience to extreme weather, and eliminating chemical inputs, regenerative agriculture also empowers farmers and ranchers to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

The overall REGEN1 score is a combination of community engagement and education, practices, and outcomes; weighted based on the level of verification from self reported to certification to 3rd party validated.

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Bee boxes, Compost application, Handweeding, Irrigation scheduling, Moisture sensors, Mulching, Natural/organic pesticides only, Shallow till, Soil testing, Water testing




USDA Organic (e.g. CCOF)

Farm/Ranch Vision

As 5th generation farmers, our family is dedicated to growing high quality, flavorful blueberries while practicing strong sustainable and organic farming practices. We take pride in the land we farm and take great care to conserve and protect it’s valuble resources. We are always committed to learning new farming methods as we look toward future sustainabilty and our family’s hope to farm this land for generations to come.

Membership in Hubs/Networks

Informal: CAFF, CDFA, Other networks, Informal: CA Farm Bureau

Region: Fresno, CA

San Joaquin Valley

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