Park Farming Organics

Scott Park

Agricultural Operation

Vegetables/fruits/legumes, Grains/cereals


Real Organic, USDA Organic (e.g. CCOF)

Health and Safety Certifications


Who They Sell To

Retail (direct to store/butcher-direct to online grocer/seller/wool-aggregator), Consumer Packaged Goods (includes processors and manufacturers)

Park Farming Organics

Regenerative agriculture is a systems- and place-based approach to agriculture that restores ecosystems, communities, and economies. It builds healthy soils, reduces air pollution, utilizes water efficiently, and increases biodiversity while promoting equity and public health.

By simultaneously storing carbon, building resilience to extreme weather, and eliminating chemical inputs, regenerative agriculture also empowers farmers and ranchers to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

The overall REGEN1 score is a combination of community engagement and education, practices, and outcomes; weighted based on the level of verification from self reported to certification to 3rd party validated.

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Animal grazing, Compost application, Cover cropping, Crop rotation, Deficit irrigation, Dry farming, Handweeding, Hedgerows, Intercropping, Integrated crop livestock, Maintain native habitat, Maintain residue cover, Moisture sensors, Mulching, Multi-species cover cropping, Natural/organic pesticides only, No till, Release beneficial insects, Riparian buffer, Shallow till, Strip till, Windbreaks, Soil monitoring, Low till


Tomato, Rice, Corn, Beans, Alfalfa, Wheat


Real Organic, USDA Organic (e.g. CCOF)

Farm/Ranch Vision

Develop a farm system that could be applicable to any farmer anywhere in the world, meet the needs of generating a profit while improving the environment and the lives of all who interact with the farm, be it employees or buyers.

Membership in Hubs/Networks

Informal: Chico State Regenerative Ag Program – Leadership Council, Informal: Grower Cooperator with UC Davis on research farm

Region: Meridian, CA

Sutter Buttes

What is distinct about this region?

Sutter Buttes is smallest mountain range in the world. Area is known for abundance of waterfowl, wide assortment of crops grown on fertile soil from past overflows of the Sacramento River

Can you share a story about how you connect to the land?

The farm has been my life for 47 years. I am entertained everyday of the year experiencing the life cycle of the crops and observing the nuances of Nature impacting the crop.

What is unique or special about your farm/ranch?

Park Farming is unique due to the similarity to many large, conventional agri business farms as far as type of crops grown. The significant difference is Park Farming yields are similar to conventional methods, but done in a regenerative fashion rather than a chemical, tillage onslaught.