Mariposa Ranch

Seth Nitschke

Agricultural Operation

Meats (carcass/butchered)



Health and Safety Certifications


Who They Sell To

Direct to Consumer (includes farmers markets-CSAs-farm/ranch website-on-farm sales), Retail (direct to store/butcher-direct to online grocer/seller/wool-aggregator), Restaurants (includes chefs), Foodservice (direct delivery-not via distributor)

Mariposa Ranch

Regenerative agriculture is a systems- and place-based approach to agriculture that restores ecosystems, communities, and economies. It builds healthy soils, reduces air pollution, utilizes water efficiently, and increases biodiversity while promoting equity and public health.

By simultaneously storing carbon, building resilience to extreme weather, and eliminating chemical inputs, regenerative agriculture also empowers farmers and ranchers to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

The overall REGEN1 score is a combination of community engagement and education, practices, and outcomes; weighted based on the level of verification from self reported to certification to 3rd party validated.

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Filter strip, Grassed waterways, Hedgerows, Livestock exclusion areas to protect habitats, Maintain native habitat, Managed grazing, No pesticide usage, Riparian buffer, Silvopasture, Windbreaks





Farm/Ranch Vision

If we take care of our environment and keep our grasslands healthy they will produce healthy cattle. Healthy cattle are more productive. We get the added benefit of clean water in the creeks, biodiversity in our native forage plants and abundant wildlife and birds in our pastures.

Membership in Hubs/Networks

Savory Hub, Rancher to Rancher, Food Commons Fresno

Region: Turlock, CA

Catheys Valley

What is distinct about this region?

We are the nation’s breadbasket. The top 5 Agricultural counties in the US are all in the San Joaquin Valley

Can you share a story about how you connect to the land?

We were able to lease our first ranch (160 acres) from some friends. We raised our first cattle there. We have grown our operation to other locations since then but still have the original ranch lease on our first ranch.

Is there something about the location of your farm/ranch that lends your product special qualities?

Because of our climate and access to water and production infrastructure we can produce high quality grass fed beef all year long

What is unique or special about your farm/ranch?

We are 1st generation ranchers that started with 3 head of cattle in 2006. We have been on this journey as a family and grown our business and our family all along with it.