Frog Hollow Farm

Al Courchesne, Becky Courchesne, Sarah Coddington

Agricultural Operation

Tree Fruit, Wheat, Almonds


USDA Organic (e.g. CCOF)

Health and Safety Certifications

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

Who They Sell To

Direct to Consumer (includes farmers markets-CSAs-farm/ranch website-on-farm sales), Retail (direct to store/butcher-direct to online grocer/seller/wool-aggregator), Distributors

Frog Hollow Farm

Regenerative agriculture is a systems- and place-based approach to agriculture that restores ecosystems, communities, and economies. It builds healthy soils, reduces air pollution, utilizes water efficiently, and increases biodiversity while promoting equity and public health.

By simultaneously storing carbon, building resilience to extreme weather, and eliminating chemical inputs, regenerative agriculture also empowers farmers and ranchers to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

The overall REGEN1 score is a combination of community engagement and education, practices, and outcomes; weighted based on the level of verification from self reported to certification to 3rd party validated.

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Bee boxes, Compost application, Cover cropping, Crop rotation, Handweeding, Hedgerows, Less frequent till, Maintain native habitat, Maintain residue cover, Make compost onsite, Moisture sensors, Mulching, Multi-species cover cropping, Multi-story cropping, Natural/organic pesticides only, No till, Shallow till, Windbreaks, Low till


Mulberries, Apricots/Apriums, Plums/Plouts, Peaches, Nectarines, Almonds, Olives – Olive Oil, Asian Pears, European Pears, Persimmon, Pomegranate, Blood Oranges, Heirloom Wheat


USDA Organic (e.g. CCOF)

Farm/Ranch Vision

We envision ourselves on an evolutionary journey as both farmers and scientists working to build and share knowledge on how nurturing soil vitality is inextricably tied to producing exceptionally delicious nutrient-dense foods for our community.

Membership in Hubs/Networks

Point Blue: Rangeland Monitoring Network, Carbon Farming Network and Hubs, National Young Farmers, Informal: CAFF, CDFA, Other networks, CalCAN, Sage, Pesticides Action Network

Region: Brentwood, CA


What is distinct about this region?

Our soil is inherently rich with great structure and the work we do to regenerate it ensures it remains vital.

Can you share a story about how you connect to the land?


Is there something about the location of your farm/ranch that lends your product special qualities?

Summer heat and cooling breezes in the evenings from the San Joaquin River delta help add more color and more sugar to our fruit.

What is unique or special about your farm/ranch?

We grow exceptionally delicious tree-ripened fruit. Each variety is selected for flavor and eating qualities as opposed to shipping and storage capacity. Our robust on farm compost program allows us to utilize what would otherwise be considered waste to support soil and tree health.