Anderson Ranch

Neil Anderson

Agricultural Operation

Meats (carcass/butchered), Grains/cereals


Certified Humane Raised and Handled, Food Alliance Certified

Health and Safety Certifications


Who They Sell To

Livestock auction (only select this if a large portion >25% of your product typically goes to auction)

Anderson Ranch

Regenerative agriculture is a systems- and place-based approach to agriculture that restores ecosystems, communities, and economies. It builds healthy soils, reduces air pollution, utilizes water efficiently, and increases biodiversity while promoting equity and public health.

By simultaneously storing carbon, building resilience to extreme weather, and eliminating chemical inputs, regenerative agriculture also empowers farmers and ranchers to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

The overall REGEN1 score is a combination of community engagement and education, practices, and outcomes; weighted based on the level of verification from self reported to certification to 3rd party validated.

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Crop rotation, Integrated crop livestock, No till, Low till


Beef, Sheep, Wheat, Barley, Wheat Hay, Alfalfa Hay


Certified Humane Raised and Handled, Food Alliance Certified

Farm/Ranch Vision

I would like to incorporate the sheep and cattle we already have into the crop ground with intensive grazing while it is in between the cash crops. Then if that works well, consider adding other animals like chickens.

Membership in Hubs/Networks


Region: Birds Landing, CA

Montezuma Hills

What is distinct about this region?

It is very steep, but farmable hills that is mostly grazing or dryland grains.

Can you share a story about how you connect to the land?

One of my favorite things to do is open a gate and let the cows go into a new field. I like to see how much they enjoy a new field of grass.

Is there something about the location of your farm/ranch that lends your product special qualities?

I might be able to market my crops as irrigation free?

What is unique or special about your farm/ranch?

I am the only farmer in the area trying new ideas and not just tilling the soil.