We're rapidly scaling Regenerative Agriculture

RAIL (Regenerative Agriculture is Local) is a place-based model to help farmers and ranchers, scientists and conservationists, supermarkets, restaurants, food service companies, designers, storytellers, and entrepreneurs restore their ecosystems and create a more equitable food system.

Regenerative agriculture builds healthy soils, reduces pollution, maximizes efficiencies, and increases biodiversity while promoting equity and public health.


We've captured the principles and practices of regenerative agriculture in an outcomes-driven model called the RAIL Adaptive Framework.

The RAIL Adaptive Framework features four modules to help you support regenerative agriculture in your community.

Module one

Learn about regenerative agriculture

Module two

Create your RAIL Community Hub

Module three

Operate your RAIL Community Hub

Module four

Share your success

Our Mission

Transition 1 Million Acres of farmland and pasture in your region to regenerative agriculture by 2025.